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Essentially, no. In principle, you can do your planting year-round, but you won’t see much initial progress during plants’ dormant phase (late autumn to winter). This mix also contains frost germinators as extras; these are activated at temperatures below freezing, and will then germinate early in the year. The other seeds in the mix really get going at stable temperatures of 15 degrees and up, and where there is plenty of light.

Sure. Or just in parts. Or in crumbs or fragments. It doesn’t matter – something will always come up.

Ok, let’s take a look: does the tower feel more damp than dry? Is it positioned more in light or in shade? In the warm or cold? More in something like soil, or rather on something like stone or asphalt?

If your answers are “damp, bright, warm, soil”, then we have no idea what’s gone wrong – so sorry – but we’ll send you a new one straight away! For all other answers: okay, so real botanists… Please first change the conditions so the first answers are as above, and have a little patience.

No – because it’s already been there. Some seeds need a period of cold before they will germinate. To enable the cold-germinating seeds in the mix to be activated, we pack them in a freezer for three weeks before we use them. These plants thrive especially well when kept below 5 degrees for another two to three weeks after germination – this happens during the cold winter period without any need for you to intervene. Any seeds that miss out on this will get to enjoy their moment after winter and frost the next year.     

The Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment and the State Commissioner for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management have written about the origins of native plants at www.agrar.hu-berlin.de: “Berlin is a green city. Its parks and gardens are home to many ornamental plants and crops which were originally imported from all over the world. In addition, around 1,400 wild plant species have also been found in the city. Over 10,000 of these are native, meaning that they mostly occurred naturally thousands of years ago, in landscapes not subject to human influence. Around 300 species originate from other parts of the world and have now become successfully established in Berlin.” (…) “Non-native”/“alien” are the terms used to describe native plants whose seeds come from more distant regions. In contrast, “native” plants come from colonies that have reproduced in a particular natural area over a very long period of time.”

All the seeds we use are classified by nature conservation and landscape management associations as wild plants native to Berlin.


This can happen – sorry about that. We have built the box specifically so that the tower has the best possible protection. When packing, we perform a visual quality check on each one – but a natural product is a natural product, and there’s no getting around that. Germination capacity is of course not affected by small or large pieces breaking off. However, if you want an undamaged one (and we can understand why you would!) just send us an email and we’ll ship a replacement immediately.

The answer to that is a great story about Berlin and about rubble plants, newcomers and marginal species – as well as tolerance, colour, love of life, and diversity. We’ve summarised much of it for you under “Story”.

Sure. Stored in a cool, dry and dark place, the seeds will last a good three years. But we all know what to expect as old age advances…

Packaging | Design

Yes and yes. The box itself doesn’t require the use of any glue, doesn’t contain any harmful substances, and is biodegradable.

Sure. All the templates and specifications you need are available under Gifts.

Eike can do this – for a fee based on time spent.

Sure. We’ve got pretty good at making shapes – the development time depends on the complexity of the shape you want. However, since we work with natural products such as clay and earth, the shape has to meet certain criteria. 

That’s a yes as well. For a big enough order, we’ll create all kinds of mixes.

Seedballs | Guerilla-Gardening

Sure. On pacifist grounds we prefer the term seed ball or – in our own case – seed tower. 

Of course. Then you get Berlin Flower Power! (Sorry we couldn’t resist).

But seriously: that’s what it was originally made for. Be aware though: only in built-up areas and not on asphalt or stone surfaces, and not where it’s dust-dry…

Essentially, no. But maybe: 


Our interpretation: with a little less of a guerrilla approach, it pretty much works. If you want to be on the safe side, you should never accidentally drop the Flower Tower anywhere outside your own property, and certainly not throw it anywhere on purpose – especially not where there are good growing conditions such as healthy, loosened soil that is regularly watered and a sunny aspect or partial shade. 

This is explicitly not legal advice.

Exactly. It’s the mix that makes this tower what it is: sustainable and ecologically sound. Sometimes – for certain occasions – you can also buy the Flower Tower with glitter. This is also completely natural and harmless in every respect.

Purchase / Order / Delivery

Of course. We always have a certain level of stock on hand. The bigger the order and level of customization, the sooner you should send your request!